Our Sustainable Tourism Policy

Sustainability in tourism is centered around three key elements: Economic growth and distribution, environmental protection, and the preservation of a people’s socio-cultural values and traditions.

Trek Guatemala is proud to adopt and promote the following sustainable tourism practices in an effort to operate our business in a way that protects the natural and cultural resources of the regions we visit.  

  • Employing 100% local residents from the communities we visit as guides, kitchen staff, camp staff and transportation – and paying well above the average national wage for their services.
  • Sourcing as much of our needed products and services for treks from local communities as possible. 

Impact: Employment opportunities are created and tourism dollars are distributed in local communities.

  • Supporting environmental awareness building and solid waste management projects along our trekking route
  • Limiting water usage and reducing solid waste and plastic packaging from our camps
  • Utilizing solar energy for our camps to run lights and equipment
  • Keeping groups to 12 guests or less, decreasing potential flora and fauna degradation.
  • Increasing the awareness of the biological importance of Guatemala’s protected areas with our guests and staff through interpretation and storytelling

Impact: We reduce the environmental footprint of our trips and build the environmental awareness of our guests and the communities we visit.

  • Providing our clients with input and guidelines on how to respect the social, cultural and religious beliefs of Mayan communities
  • Encouraging our guests to participate in our Travel Philanthropy Program that supports local education, environmental and medical services
  • Incorporating authentic traditional Mayan knowledge, practices and traditions into our tours and guest experience
  • Paying communal fees for our camping sites that are used by communities to purchase medical supplies for the elderly

Impact: Authentic Mayan cultural heritage (traditions, history, language, clothing, food, etc.) is celebrated and preserved while creating a more mindful and transformational experience for our guests.

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