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Includes bilingual guides, camping equipment, appetizers & meals, entrance fees, and roundtrip transportation from Antigua. Price is based on group size, see below. 

Acatenango Volcano Overnight Hike

Antigua’s Acatenango Volcano is a remarkable climb that stands tall at 13,041 ft / 3,976 m, and it is a must-do for most adventure travelers in Guatemala. The hike not only provides panoramic views of the entire region but also offers a unique vantage point to witness the nearby (and highly active!) Fuego Volcano has been erupting continuously since the Spanish conquistadors arrived 500 years ago.

Our Acatenango Volcano Overnight Hike offers the best opportunity to experience this incredible natural wonder. Hikers get to witness awe-inspiring nighttime views of flowing lava and catch the sunrise the next morning from the summit of Acatenango. While the hike is demanding, even for the most seasoned hikers, our Acatenango Volcano Overnight Hike is the perfect choice for adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers looking to experience the best that Guatemala has to offer. This is an unforgettable overnight hike that you won’t want to miss!

Day Prior: Trip Briefing

Before the trip, we’ll meet with you to give you a pre-trip briefing. During this briefing, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the trip, including what to pack, what to expect, and any last-minute details or questions you may have.

Day 1: Hike To Camp

We’ll depart from Antigua at 8:00 am in a private shuttle, setting off on a comfortable one-hour drive to the Mayan village of La Soledad and the Acatenango trailhead.

The ascent up the 5,000 ft / 1,525 m trail takes us through four distinct ecosystems, each with its own unique charm. First up is a tapestry of fertile agricultural fields, where local farmers harvest everything from corn to snow peas. It’s a great introduction to the local way of life.

As we continue on the trail, we’ll enter the old-growth tropical cloud forest. It’s a magical place, teeming with a diversity of flora and fauna, and providing hikers with shade and comfort as we push up the steep slope.

Emerging from the cloud forest, we’ll enter a sparse high-alpine forest that opens up to reveal views of six additional volcanoes. It’s the perfect spot for a scenic trail lunch, where we can take in the breathtaking vistas.

After lunch, we’ll make the final push of the day and climb above the tree line into the fourth microclimate – a wind-swept and mystical volcanic terrain. We’ll set up camp at 12,300 ft / 3,750 m and take some time to relax and soak in the sweeping views of the Antigua Valley and Volcan Fuego. Then, we’ll be served a hot dinner followed by coffee, tea, and even marshmallow “S’mores” over the campfire. The campsite looks directly over Fuego Volcano, and your evening will be spent gasping at volcanic eruptions and staring up at the mesmerizing sky full of stars above. It’s an unforgettable experience!

Day 2: Summiting Acatenango

After early morning coffee, tea and fresh banana bread…hikers embark on a 45-minute ascent to the summit of Acatenango. The climb may be steep, but the breathtaking views of Fuego Volcano, the Antigua Valley, and the Guatemalan highlands stretching all the way to Mexico make it all worthwhile. At the summit, guests will have a full 360-degree panoramic view to take in.

After spending approximately an hour at the top (depending on weather and timing), its back to base camp for a delicious breakfast. Then, we begin the three-hour descent back down the volcano, arriving at La Soledad and our waiting transportation by mid-day. Groups usually return to Antigua by early afternoon (~1:00 pm) with plenty of time to enjoy a celebratory beer, cappuccino, or a well-deserved siesta. Congratulations on conquering the volcano!

Rental Gear

We offer affordable rental rates for a variety of hiking gear you might need for your Acatenango Hike. Please indicate what you need as “add on” items in the check out process!  *Prices are per Overnight Trip

Acatenango Volcano Profile
  • Pricing
    • 2 guests: $249 per guest
    • 3 guests: $219 per guest
    • 4-5 guests: $169 per guest
    • 6+ guests: $149 per guest

    All prices in $ USD

    Single Supplement Fee:

    If you are single and would like your own tent or if you are single and there is another single same-sex guest and you choose not to share a tent with that guest, then a single supplement fee of $99 applies.

    Private Tour Surcharge:

    If you would like your tour to be private (no one else can join), an additional surcharge fee applies.

  • Group Sizes
    • 2 guest minimum (but let us know if you’re a solo traveler)
    • Groups up to 16 guests
  • What’s Included
    • Pre-departure packing list and in-person trip briefing at your accommodations
    • Bilingual (English/Spanish) trekking guide with certified first-aid training. French, German & Italian guides available upon request.
    • Roundtrip transportation from your Antigua accommodations to Acatenango trailhead
    • Park entrance and camping fees
    • Day 1 meals: lunch, appetizer, dinner + snacks
    • Day 2 meals: breakfast + snacks
    • High-quality tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, trekking poles & camp chairs
  • What’s Not Included
    • Large capacity backpack (50L +) –available as a rental “add-on” 
    • Headlamp –available as a rental “add-on”
    • Waterproof Jacket –available as a rental “add-on”
    • Knit Hat / Gloves –available as a rental “add-on”
    • Cold-weather clothing
    • Hiking boots/shoes
    • 4-5 L of water
    • Tips for guides
  • Duration/Times
    • Departs from Antigua at 8am on day 1
    • Returns to Antigua mid-day day 2

Acatenango Overnight Description