The Weather

Guatemala is known as the “Land of Eternal Spring” with consistent, temperate weather that makes it an ideal year-round destination…never too hot or too cold. November to April is Guatemala’s “dry” season, with sunny days that average 72°F / 23°C and cool evenings. May to October is Guatemala’s “green” season with slightly warmer temperatures, clear mornings and late afternoon/evening showers. A warm jacket is recommended for evenings at our camps due to their altitude (~8000 ft / 2400 m)…but that’s perfect weather for campfires!

The Convenience

Guatemala is just a 2 1/2 to 3-hour direct flight away from Miami, Houston, Dallas, Orlando, and Atlanta…with direct flights also arriving from Los Angeles, Newark, DC, Chicago as well as Madrid. From there, it’s a quick 1-hour drive to the picturesque colonial city of Antigua. That means you can catch a morning flight and be watching the sunset over the Antigua Valley that evening…not a bad day. And leave the travel planning to us…from airport transportation to hotel reservations, we’re here to help!

The People

Few other destinations in the world offer the type of immersive living cultural exchange you find in Guatemala. Nearly half of the population are indigenous Maya with rich cultural traditions – from their language to their dress – and our treks open a window into that unique culture.

And the days of political unrest in Central America are long over…Guatemala enjoys a reputation as one of the friendliest places on the planet, where nearly every passerby gives you a smile and a welcoming “Buenos Dias!”. This is especially true in the small Mayan communities we visit during our trek.

The Quality & Affordability

Antigua and Lake Atitlán both offer a variety of excellent lodging options, from mid-range hotels that average USD $50-$100 per night to high-end boutiques that rarely exceed USD $150-$200. And food? Get ready to eat your way through Guatemala, from fresh ceviche and cold beers that cost a couple of bucks each to a variety of international fine-dining options that average $20-$30 per meal.