Trek Guatemala’s Travel Guide & FAQs

We’ve put together a “Guatemala Travel Guide” and Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) that we hope will help with your Guatemala travel planning, organized under the following topics. Provided free to all Trek Guatemala guests as part of your pre-arrival information!

Health Considerations

  • Do I Need Any Special Immunizations in Guatemala? 
  • Can I Drink the Water in Guatemala? 
  • What About Bugs, Snakes & Other Creepy Crawly Things!
  • What about Medical Services? 

Safety Considerations

  • Is Guatemala a Safe Place to Visit?
  • Is Trekking Safe in Guatemala?
  • Safety & Common Sense Travel Considerations

  General Travel Planning Considerations

  • Where Should I Get Money in Guatemala?
  • Can I Use a Credit Card in Guatemala?
  • How Much Should I Tip?
  • What is Bartering, and When Should I Do It?
  • Can I Buy a Local SIM Card?
  • What Kind of Electrical System Does Guatemala Have?  
  • Why Am I Putting Toilet Paper in the Trash Can?

Arrival & Departure

  • What’s the Best Way to Get To & From Guatemala? 
  • What’s the Best Way to Get To & From Antigua?  
  • What’s the Best Way to Get Around Antigua? 
  • What Do I Do When I Arrive to the Guatemala City Airport?
  • Where do I Meet My Trek Guatemala Shuttle at the Airport? 


  • What’s the Weather Like in Guatemala? 

Antigua to Atitlán 4-Day “Sky Route” Trek 

  • Is the Trek Hard? 
  • Does the Trek Have Bathrooms or Showers? 
  • What are the Tents Like? 
  • What is the Food Like?
  • What Happens with our Luggage? 
  • How Large is Each Trekking Group?
  • Will There Be a Need for Extra Money Along the Trip? 
  • Is a Packing List Provided?