Tikal National Park 2-Day Exploration

Tikal National Park, the crown jewel of Mayan archaeological sites, has been fascinating visitors for over 100 years with its stunning beauty and sheer grandeur as it rises out of the lush jungle of Guatemala’s Petén district. Tikal is the largest excavated archeological site in the American continent, and is Guatemala’s most famous national park which comprises 222 square miles of jungle all around the ceremonial center. Although known for its rich cultural and archeological treasures, Tikal is also one of the country’s most pristine natural areas with towering tropical forests that are home tapir, jaguar, crocodile, cougars, monkeys as well as a colorful assortment of birds.

Tikal flourished during the Maya Classic period of 200 to 900 AD and was the most important city-state in the Maya region, bouncing back from defeat by rivals Calakmul and Caracol and ruling a vast realm before suddenly falling into decline in the late 800s. At its height the city of Tikal had a population estimated to be as large as 90,000.

Earthworks and other defence systems surrounded an area of some 120 sq km supplied by ingenious irrigation and agricultural systems which can still be seen today.

Today, Tikal National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is accessible via a short, 1-hour flight from Guatemala City followed by a 1-hour shuttle ride that puts you right in the middle of the national park for two days of exploring. In short, Tikal is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Guatemala. Join us!