Pacaya Volcano 1/2 Day Hike & Thermal Spa

Volcano Pacaya (8370ft/2552m) is one of the most impressive volcanic landscapes in all of Central America. Set in its own National Park, Pacaya is a storybook volcano with a continuous plume of smoke drifting from its summit and a massive dried lava field forming the valley at the base of its caldera.

We’ll depart Antigua at 08:00hrs for a 1-hour drive to the volcano. As we move up the myriad of trails on the mountain, Guatemala’s impressive vistas open up before us. As we reach the base of the caldera, our guide will direct the group through the rugged dried lava fields, reformed by a massive eruption in 2010. No matter what conditions we encounter on the mountain, our group will have the opportunity to traverse unique volcanic-rock landscapes as we ascend towards the peak. Here the group will stop for a freshly prepared picnic to enjoy along with views of nearby volcanoes Agua, Fuego and Acatenango. There will be plenty of opportunity to explore geothermal hot-spots on the cooled lava formations – which are always available to help roast marshmallows!

Our hike down brings across the remaining dried lava fields before we begin our descent through Pacaya’s lush forests and farmland.

Thermal Circuit

Following the hike, we’ll head to a nearby thermal spa whose natural springs are heated by the linked underground activity generated by the very volcano we just climbed.

The spa experience begins with a ‘Thermal Circuit’, consisting of immersing the body for short periods of time in natural thermal pools of varying temperatures, moving from hot to cold. The thermal pools range in temperature from 24°C to  41°C. Afterwards you will have plenty of time to return to the natural swimming pools and enjoy a fruit smoothie. Our group returns to Antigua by private transport to arrive at ~18:00hrs.