Antigua Mountain Biking

Antigua Valley is a great place for beginner to intermediate riders who want to visit coffee farms, surrounding Mayan villages and sightsee. The volcanos and hillsides that encircle the valley are home to some of the best single-track riding Guatemala has to offer, and will impress any intermediate to advanced riders. In other words…there’s something for everyone! The following rides are listed from beginner to advanced:

Sip n’ Cycle Mountain Bike Ride

A great trip for beginner-level mountain bike riders, this half-day tour combines two of the best things in the world…biking and coffee!  We ride to Finca Azotea, a nearby coffee farm that has a maze of great trails weaving their way between coffee plants and shade trees. The finca’s practice of shade grown coffee means the farm will be alive with native bird species as well. After biking among the plants we’ll head inside to sample the different varieties & blends of coffee and see the whole coffee process from start to finish, picking to packaging. For Beginner Riders.

Holy Santa Maria Volcano Ride

Begins with a superb, technical cross-country single-track climb that’s followed by a downhiller’s dream come true. Explore tight single-track through lush evergreen forest & high elevation cornfields, scream down the flanks of the mighty Volcan de Agua, pedal ancient Mayan footpaths across the volcano. For Intermediate to Advanced Riders. 

El Zur Mountain Bike Park

The El Zur Mountain Bike Park is a private reserve with over 25 kms. of flowing, rolling, blow your mind purpose built single-track bliss. The top of the trail network is at 8,500 ft., which you can climb from the parking lot, which means you’ll grind you way up nearly 6,500 ft. over 13 kms. on rough jeep track, OR, you can take a 4×4 shuttle up. Whatever you decide, you’ll love it. For Intermediate to Advanced Riders. 

Cielo Grande Ridge Ride

After a four mile climb out of the Panchoy Valley we reach the trail head of the Cielo Grande Ridge, or big sky ridge. This ride combines technical climbs with mouth watering cross-country single-track high above the valley floor. A cross-country rider’s dream, this ride has a little bit of everything, and always challenging. Highlights include a visit to indigenous towns tucked away in the high mountainside, old growth cloud forest and a chance to cool off and dip your head in undiscovered water falls. For Expert Riders in Excellent Shape.