An Update on the Political Situation in Guatemala

November 1, 2023
As of this past week, there are no more reported road blockages in Guatemala. Things have returned to normal – with roads and businesses open and day to day life continuing as always.
Matt Humke – Owner, Trek Guatemala
October 11, 2023
Dear Trek Guatemala Guests,
As you may be aware, there has been a week of protests here in Guatemala supporting democracy & the legitimate election of a new president who will take office in January. The existing President and his administration have actively attempted to undermine the President-elect’s legitimacy, actions condemned by the global community, including the UN, EU, and US. Here in Guatemala, a large part of society – including teachers, farmers, and the private sector – has chosen to protest as a way to pressure the current administration to allow the peaceful transition of power.
You, of course, may be concerned with how these events may affect your visit to Guatemala and your trip with us. Therefore, we can offer the following updates:
  • The protests present in no way any kind of threat or danger to anyone, including international visitors. They are simply a way that disenfranchised Guatemalans have historically made their voice be heard. 99% of them have been peaceful, with any reported violence most likely attributed to opponents trying to undermine the protests.
  • Although we can’t predict the future, we hope and expect the protests to end within days or weeks, before the end of October.
  • Currently, many major highways in Guatemala are being blocked, including roads between Guatemala City/Airport, Antigua, and Lake Atitlán. Therefore if you are traveling to Guatemala within the next few days/weeks, please contact us and we can help plan accordingly.
  • If your travel with us later in the year (November moving forward) then the protests and current civil unrest are not expected to affect your travel in any way.
Here in Antigua, and in most towns and cities, everything is relatively normal. Most restaurants and hotels are open, people are in the streets conducting their day as normal, and the weather is transitioning from our rainy season to beautiful sunny days.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding your trip, we encourage you to reach out to us at any time.
We’re here to help, and we look forward to seeing you soon!
Matt Humke – Owner, Trek Guatemala