Guatemala Nature

Guatemala’s biodiversity can be attributed to its geographic position along a land bridge between North and South America and between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. This location, as well as Guatemala’s varied topography ranging from 14,000-foot volcanoes to lush tropical rainforests, has created diverse microclimates and high levels of species endemism.

Following your Sky Route Trek through the country’s highlands, a complementary experience is to travel to the northern Petén region where you’ll find Tikal National Park. Tikal features ancient Mayan temples built more than 2,000 years ago, some of which rise hundreds of feet above the tropical forest canopy. Tikal is one of the finest rainforests left in all of Central America where we have the chance to see howler monkeys, toucans, coatimundi…and a variety of other wildlife.

If you’re ready to stalk jaguars as well as the perfect outdoor selfie…then start packing your favorite convertible travel pants because we think you’re going to love the following 11-day nature-themed itinerary!

Sample 11-Day Nature Itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrival/Antigua

    Enjoy your first night relaxing in the beautiful colonial city

  • Day 2: Pilar Birding Hike

    Spend your first morning in Guatemala visiting a nearby natural reserve that offers the best birding in the Antigua Valley

  • Day 3: Trek to Terra Camp

    Hike through cloud forest under the shadow of Acatenango Volcano

  • Day 4: Trek to Fuego Camp

    3000 ft descent into the La Vega River valley before a climb to our camp overlooking active Fuego Volcano

  • Day 5: Trek to Agua Camp

    We reach the highest point of the trek today with views of six volcanos before arriving to camp and visiting a weaving cooperative

  • Day 6: Trek to Lake Atitlan

    Descend through coffee fincas before arriving to our final destination, Lake Atitlán, and its welcoming waters

  • Day 7: Lake Atitlán Relax

    Know what we have planned for you today? Absolutely nothing at all. Nada.

  • Day 9: Tikal National Park

    An early morning flight takes you to Guatemala’s wild “Petén” northern region where you tour the massive Mayan temples of Tikal National Park

  • Day 10: Tikal National Park

    After a night at a hotel IN the park, you’ll awake early to watch the sun rise over Tikal National Park and be amazed at the amount of birds and wildlife that surround you

  • Day 1: Arrival / Antigua
  • Day 2: Pilar Birding Hike / Antigua
  • Day 3: Trek / Terra Camp
  • Day 4: Trek / Fuego Camp
  • Day 5: Trek / Agua Camp
  • Day 6: Trek / Lake Atitlán
  • Day 7: Relax / Lake Atitlán
  • Day 8: Return to Antigua
  • Day 9: Tikal National Park
  • Day 10: Tikal National Park
  • Day 11: Departure

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