Guatemala Adventure

Guatemala’s adventure scene is pretty non-stop. In addition to our Antigua to Lake Atitlán 4-Day Trek, there are ample opportunities here to strap on those hiking boots and climb. A great warm-up for trekkers is the Pacaya Volcano 1/2 Day Hike where you can roast marshmallows over lava vents. Feeling a bit more ambitious? Then check out the Acatenango Volcano Day Hike or spend the evening on the volcano with our overnight option.

Below you’ll find a sample 12-day adventure-themed itinerary for your Guatemala visit that we hope appeals to you adrenaline junkies!

Sample 12-Day Adventure Itinerary

  • Day 3: Trek to Terra Camp

    Hike through cloud forest under the shadow of Acatenango Volcano

  • Day 4: Trek to Fuego Camp

    3000 ft descent into the La Vega River valley before a climb to our camp overlooking active Fuego Volcano

  • Day 5: Trek to Agua Camp

    We reach the highest point of the trek today with views of six volcanos before arriving to camp and visiting a weaving cooperative

  • Day 6: Trek to Lake Atitlan

    Descend through coffee fincas before arriving to our final destination, Lake Atitlán, and its welcoming waters

  • Day 8: Lake Atitlán Kayaking

    After a day of kicking back, time to get back out there and splash around a bit

  • Day 9: Santa Cruz to San Marcos Hike

    Explore the villages and landscapes that surround Lake Atitlán’s, ending up at a natural reserve

  • Day 10: Lake Atitlán to Antigua

    Following a relaxing morning at the lake, return to Antigua to spend the night

  • Day 12: Departure

    Unfortunately, you have to go home at some point. Or do you?!?!

  • Day 1: Arrival / Antigua
  • Day 2: Pacaya Volcano Hike / Antigua
  • Day 3: Trek / Terra Camp
  • Day 4: Trek / Fuego Camp
  • Day 5: Trek / Agua Camp
  • Day 6: Trek / Lake Atitlán
  • Day 7: Relax / Lake Atitlán
  • Day 8: Lake Kayaking / Lake Atitlán
  • Day 9: San Marcos Hike / Lake Atitlán
  • Day 10: Return to Antigua
  • Day 11: Zip-Lining & Spa / Antigua
  • Day 12: Departure

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