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Includes private reserve entrance fee, 2-hour nature hike (optional), multi-lingual guide, appetizer+dinner+breakfeast, safari-style tents with beds, campfire…and breath-taking views of the Antigua valley!

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Antigua Glamping

Just minutes outside of Antigua, there exists a large forest reserve that embraces the Antigua Valley in a big, green hug. With its exclusive access, visitors who venture into this reserve are treated to the finest natural experience the region has to offer. It is within this majestic setting we offer Antigua Glamping.

It’s the opportunity to experience our unique camps while taking in stunning views of three towering volcanoes, quality birding and solitude…without having to cross mountains to get there. Join us.

At a Glance

Day 1: Songbirds & Sunsets

An optional forest reserve nature hike, delicious food and a sky full of stars

Our experience begins meeting you at a private forest reserve, just 15-minutes from downtown Antigua. We enter the reserve via a well-maintained nature trail that takes us up through a narrow humid broadleaf forested valley, climbing a series of steep stairways secured with handrails. Hummingbird feeders located along the bottom section of the trail attract species such as the Violet Sabrewing and the Rufous Sabrewing, which is endemic to the Pacific slopes of Guatemala. Other notable species include the Emerald Toucanet, Bar-Winged Oriole and the colorful Magnificent Hummingbird.

The nature trail rises 1500 ft / 460 m from the valley floor, and its 2.7 mi / 4.3 km distance takes on average 2 hours to complete. However, the hike is optional and guests can also arrive to camp by shuttle via a forest access road.

At end of the hike (or drive), guests emerge to find Trek Guatemala’s “Glamp Camp” located in a clearing that offers panoramic views of the valley below and three volcanoes, including active Fuego Volcano whose frequent eruptions put on a quite a show.

Following a welcome drink and appetizers, you’ll settle into comfortable chairs to enjoy the sunset. Entering their spacious canvas tents, guests find their luggage placed next to their queen-sized beds, goose-down comforters and fresh flowers.

Following a delicious dinner, stories are shared around a warm campfire as millions of stars emerge in the night sky.

Elevation & Distance Profile: Day 1

Day 2: Rise & Shine

Good coffee, good food, good views…what more could you want?

Mist fills the valley as the sun rises, setting the distant volcanoes ablaze in morning light. As you open your eyes, your senses will be treated to the sound of birds calling, the taste of rich Guatemalan coffee, and the smell of the pine forest that surrounds you.

A breakfast of fresh-squeezed orange juice and seasonal fruits awaits. Following breakfast, a short 15-minute drive takes you back down the mountain, completing your Antigua Glamping experience.

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